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Valuation please

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I fancy an 08 S-Works Enduro SL Carbon but being a credit crunch or what have you I cant afford to have 2 bikes, so I'd really like a rough guess-timate if possible?

05' Enduro Expert
Dee Trak Mavic Wheelset
Saint 3 Ring
XTR Rear Mech
Front XT
XT Shifters
XT Hydraulics
FSA Carbon XC bars
DMR V12 Mags
Thomson Layback
ODI Yeti Hardcore Grips
5th Element Progressive Shock (still works :p )
USE Carbon/Titanium rail seat
Stock Stem
Flack Jacket Gear cables
Eskar Armadill Elite Tyres

What am i looking at for a heap like that? Answers on a postcard please...


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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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