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Valmont bike park

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Hey guys,

Whats going on with Valmont. When are they looking at opening this park? I went on their website and no new information has been posted since October. Just curious.

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Last year, but it makes for some good sledding right now ;-)
my prison cell is right next to the park. They've been movin quite a bit of earth up until the snow- is definitely starting to take shape 1 good sized hill plus 3 smaller ones are there. No trail building yet.
You got a window cell, Dirty? Lucky. I just drove by there today. Not too much happening. Looks like it'll be a while...
Status Update

Hey All,

Valmont is still moving steadily forward. Right now, the city planning/building department is reviewing the final set of plans in preparation of issuing a building permit. Once that is compete, the parks dept will issue the construction plans for bidding. 5 general contractors and 3 trailbuilding teams have been pre-qualified to bid on the job. The city will select a winning contracting team and construction will start as soon as possible. The goal is to be building as soon as possible, ideally at the end of winter.

Thanks, Pete
thanks for the update Pete!
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