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I'm a Spanish cameraman operator and I did the media coverage of the Vallnord (Andorra) Mountain Bike World Cup for the UCI organization. We have edited a 30-minute TV report with the best pictures and the best interviews and we will broadcast it soon here in Spain.

But we have a little problem, there are some rider interviews we do not understand.

I would like to ask you to transcribe me some (difficult) parts of the interviews I do not understand because my English is not so good.

Here is the report:

password: ociworldcup

I just need to know what these riders say here:

15:20 to 15:30
  • I run a Norco Four Crosser and it is beautiful to juli (what is juli??)
  • i'm so glad im not on a hard tail (what is that?)

22:00 to 22:27
She speaks so fast, I do not understand anything. Could you please transcribe what she says, please.

22:29 to 22:48
What is a gate? What does it mean to "have a bad gate" ?

22:57 to 23:10

25:28 to 25:42

And of course, if you like downhill races, hope you enjoy watching it.

Thank you very much for your help, I really appreciate.
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