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We are having a meeting of the Valley Mt Bike and Hike group on Thursday, December 8 at 6:30 pm at the Matanuska Telephone Association conferance room on S. Chugach St. in Palmer.

Winter cycling presentation/ slide show by Mark Gronewald with examples of studded tires, Snowcat wheels, FatBikes, winter commuter bikes, and other gear.
Slide show of the Alaska Ultrasport race by Kathi and Bill Merchant.
Future plans for formation of official non-profit status.
Trail plans for next summer and review of accomplishments from last summer.

Hope y'all can make it!

Mark Gronewald
VMBaH PoobaH

Slide Show

Kathi and I planned to ride today but decided to watch it rain from inside the cabin and organize slides for tomorrow night instead. Pictures of the trail combined with cabin fever brought to mind stories both real and imagined. Would be nice to see some of you race vets there to help me keep those stories about you straight. See you in Palmer
Bill M
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