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Vail, Saturday 7/8?

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I want to go check out Vail on Saturday.

Anyone up for going? I'll be leaving from Boulder...

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might be heading that way on sunday... are you riding XC or DH? I'm getting in as many days as possible before Crankworx.
It looks like I may be there to ride some DH on Saturday as well with some others from MTBR as well...
Sunday could work for some dh..

Gotdirt may be up for going to Kenosha Pass on Saturday, which I'd like to check out. On this thread:
Ah, looks like I just got sucked into doing Kenosha Pass. I've been wanting to check that out for a while.

I know, I know, I posted for it... I'm a [email protected] :rolleyes:
Saturday might be a winner - I'll have to clear it with "the boss". Vail's always a winner in my book, Old 9 is may favorite trail... it's just too short.
Kenosha pass will be a good ride if the weather holds. I'd hate to be exposed out there during a storm.
Well, I'll be there with SylentK and dbabuser at least. The more the merrier if anyone wants to hook up for some runs!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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