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V3 Bronson C with SD R and Cascade?

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I have a V3 Bronson C with the Super Deluxe R (rebound only). Has anyone run this shock with the Cascade linkage? It seems like everyone with the Cascade upgrades the shock as well but I am not really looking to spend a ton of money, linkage is already $330. Will I be suffering without any compression adjustment?
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Hello! I have a v3 bronson c aswell! Im curious about the cascade link myself aswell. at 200lbs / 90kg + equipment with the correct sag 25%-30% I kept bottoming out on standard super deluxe shock that came with the bike. I did fiddle with increasing pressure and going with less sag and the bike felt horrible after that but obviously then I didnt have huge bottom outs. I installed the megneg and I had huge improvements no bottom outs anymore with correct sag. Im running with only 1 band in the megneg.However I feel like it still could be better obviously megneg wasnt a huge investment and was worthwhile. Anyways what I would want to know is cascade link worth the investment and would a coilshock work well after fitting the cascade link? I was also thinking about not putting my money on link/coil or better shock and go with with new 29" fork and try mulleting it.

To original question, I think the linkage should be an improvement especially with the stock shock since they wanted to address the problems of nonprogressiveness on the bronson with the cascade link. I think cascade components probably did most of their testing with stock shocks to get an good idea how to improve the bronson.
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I did when I had mine... Cascade made the stock SD-R feel WAY better. Added a MegNeg after that and was even happier... You'll be fine.
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