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V-10 help

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I just picked up a 2005 V-10 frame. I am having trouble with setting up the suspension it has a dhx 5.0 coil w/ a 500 x 2.80 spring.I am also running a 2007 Boxxer world cup up front. The problem I have is that the bike feels unbalanced and I am also blowing through it's travel and buzzing my seat on the smallest of stuff. I am only about 180lbs with gear, I am just not sure what would help at this point. I am going to get a 550 pound spring this week but, would a higher stroke help say like a 550x3.0? Thanks for any help you can give me
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I used a 600lb spring and weight 185. the sc setup chart was way undersprung for this model. I would bottom out 25 plus times on a normal day of riding n* with the setting they gave me. I went up a 100lbs from their settings and would still occasionally bottom out. The seat you will need to move in order to avoid contact. with the spring out you can cycle the suspension and find the sweetspot.
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