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UTEP Trails disappearing , El Paso Texas ! !

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I dont expect to many responses to this post , because only a hand full of people ride these trails anyways ! , Since one of the two founding fathers of these trails has moved away, they have started to disappear and look kinda ruff ( since he was out there every day maintaining them for us to ride ) . If you know where these trails are , Get out there and ride em' .....There is some cool fun stuff at the end of the outback trail now ....this vid of me and my buddy was taken there a month or so ago .......GO RIDE !
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Nice vid yo.. You should break out the skilz.. I would like to help over there.. Is there somewhere to leave materials? I need to ride those trails again.. The canyon has taken all my time.. There is a road now, can you get back there w/ a 4X4? get my # from Carl yo and gimme a call. :madman:
And if I don't know?

Heckler10812 said:
If you know where these trails are , Get out there and ride em' .....
Won't you tell us where those trails are?
I am more into long distance XC (preferr more lactic acid than adrenaline), but it seems like I could try the easiest of those nice trails.
I lived in ep back in 96. John Demming and his son built most of the trails there with a couple other guys. All I can say it was the coolest place i have ever rode, to this day! I live in phoenix now. What makes the place so cool is the character of all the trails, they all had names. 911, psychopath, the penthouse, death valley, suitcase, bucking bronck, dumb, dumber, ghost of christmas past, hully gully, etc.. Alot of new trails have been built since then. I wish I could get back and spend a weekend .....It realy is to die for

Trails in danger of disapearing due to uteo finally finding out about them......its a shame though
you tube vid might be the problem

Heckler10812 said:

Trails in danger of disapearing due to uteo finally finding out about them......its a shame though
I was riding out behind UTEP years before Tom and John started putting in all the super technical trails or the teeter-toters or the two-by-four sidewalks at the top.
I started riding out there in 1989 on a bike without front shocks. The trails we rode were actually paths created and used by illegal aliens sneeking into El Paso. We use to often run into small camps of those folks waiting for nightfall so they could head elsewhere. We cleaned up the off-cambers and started riding them.
We always knew we were riding illegally on UTEP land so we kept it low key for years. If you got hurt, you and your friends dragged your butt out of there and didn't even think about sueing UTEP.
Years later the Borderland Mountain Bike Assoc started talking about the riding out there and my position of leaving it out of internet discussion boards went unheeded.
If UTEP has FINALLY figured out people ride way-sick technical trails on their property.... well who do you think is to blame.
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It might not be a bad thing.. Maybe we can have trails for everyone.. I will find out some more asap.. It could be closed or maybe a park for biking and hiking.. No one is to blame , sh!t happens, lets move forward to save the trails.. :thumbsup:
Everybodys stories about UTEP either starts out by saying, "I knew Tom and John, We always rode together", or "I ride there all the time", or "Those trails are too technical". In my opinion I have logged in a LOT of hours out there in the past 5 years, and would never see ANYONE except the occasional border jumper, UTEP ROTC, and Utep Runners, and the couple of guys that I knew that rode there with T & J riding out there. Look I never expected the video to spark such negative intrest from UTEP, I had even forwarded the video to that cool polack via utube when he moved to south texas,,....In my opinion I dont think anything is ever going to be done about those trails, Shoot I rode the outback yesterday........Those trails disappeared .a long time ago!.....Yeah so many people loved these trails look how many responses besides RoughRider and Me are on this post.......RIP UTEP,or so everyone thinks...
Thats all I hear too, talk talk talk.. no action.. Just alot of crappy opinions.. Why dont they walk the walk? Me and Heckler are the only ones doin anything, most El Pasoans suck cause they just talk talk talk, biznatches!!:madmax:
R.I.P. utep .. There are so many things to ride around here.. Time to build a new area.. :thumbsup:
r those trails as cool as utep? never ridden them.. :madmax:
I was just refering to that side of town, don't know about the trails though....
The only thing good bout the northeast is its on the way outta town.. :madman: I hear the trails r nice.. I dont do much xc .. I need to build a DH course over there..
You can actually hear Yourself think in the NE:smilewinkgrin: , A good place for a DH track would be somewhere up hondo pass [if there's room] or around trans mountain. Let Me know how that works out.:thumbsup: .......
Looks like the Redd Rd. trails are disappearing as well. :madmax:
At least that's the impression you get seeing the urban sprawl. NE trails are what I ride most of the time and it's a great ride now with the jeep roads smoothed out. It would be great to have more singletrack pop up in there too..... ;)
carlsonrd said:
Looks like the Redd Rd. trails are disappearing as well. :madmax:
Holy Krapp...

How many over-priced homes and Peter Pipers does west El Paso need?

I lived in EP from 96-00 and rode the Redd trails all the time...What an MTB paradise!

Sucks they are going away.

:madman: :madmax:
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