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UST Toss up NBX Lite/Big Jim/Karma 2-2.25?

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1. big jim 2.25 UST 780g-the safe choice, fairly lite and handles great,lil slow.
2. NBX lite 2.25 UST 850g-looks like a fast roller but a little heavy
3. NBX lite 2.0 UST 700gs-too small? excellent weight, what psi range?
3. Kenda Karma 1.9 UST 650g - Interesting look and weight, but too small

Heres what i'm looking for. Dry conditions, hardpack, lots of roots(Texas), needs to corner well. I'm loving my 2.25 Schwalbes, the volume is excellent and the ride is very comfortable. I wouldnt hesitate to get the big jim but its just a tad slow in the rolling department when compared to the racing ralph. I need something in between with a little more bite that the RR but not as much drag as the big jims. The NBX UST 2.0 lite looks very promising but i'm wondering if its too small. Shiggy do they run small like the schwalbes? Too bad blue grooves dont come in UST....
Currently running-
F-Sch RR 2.25 or BJ 2.25 (swap to BJ for sandy/loose trails)
R-K BG Lite 2.0 or Sch RR 2.25
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