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Still rockin' those bibs!
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So currently, my two favorites are the Maxxis Minion DHR/DHF 2.5's (Too heavy and soft) and the Schwalbe Fat Albert 2.35 (too light in the sidewall department, weight is decent).

Will there ever be anything in between? If anyone can recomment a tough sidewalled UST tire in the 2.2-2.4 range with nobbies that aren't super soft (around 50 durometer) I would be thrilled.

The Minions are virtually indestructable, but they roll like flypaper and they weigh a ton and the nobbies either lose their edge quickly or break off entirely.

The Schwalbes are a great tire in all regards, but the sidewalls don't hold up to serious abuse, and the tire tends to roll off the rim whenever making tight turns on tacky rock.

I just can't take the weight penalty of the Minions anymore!!!

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