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UST rims + tubes + sealant?

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long story short, i need to run a different (winter) set of tyres for about 8 weeks on my crossmax sl wheels

thinking the most cost effective way will be to get some non-ust tyres and tubes, 2 questions :

- will i need longer stemmed valves for these wheels?
- can i remove the valve and 'inject' some stan's sealant into the tubes (& will this work)?

thanks in advance :thumbsup:
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I'm currently in the same boat, running standard tires and tubes on my Bontrager Race TL wheelset. It works fine, and the valvestems seem to be okay. I don't know if your crossmax wheels will be any different though...
No standard tubes and valves work.

Should not need Stans in tubes.

This is the basic flat fix.

What I dont know are the tire beads adequate.

I will be trying some Nokian Mount and Ground this winter on Crossmax XL ans SL.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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