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UST rim and using standard tires

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UST rims came with my bike XTR tubless wheelset. I only run tubeless on my bikes but not sure about the UST rim and non UST tires. The non UST tires are much lighter.
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I am using non-UST tires on my UST wheelset. Racing Ralphs tubeless on Mavic wheels with 1.5 scoops of sealant. No problems sealing up.
I haven't purchased UST specific tires for a couple of years now. The object is to find tires that have a compound that doesn't allow air to escape. Continental use to make tires that worked well but they changed the pattern on the sidewalls and now I can't get them to seal. Kenda tires work. But I wanted something lighter. I found the Panaracer Razer MX 2.3's work very well. And they look simular to the Racing Ralph's. I'm an XC style ider but often cross into AM terrain with rock gardens and jumps and have not had any problems with the tires I've mentioned. I also use the Stan's juice and add a new scoop every two or three months.
Suggest you get a rim strip for the UST rims, no UST tires can sometimes not want to pop up on the rim bead without them and you are also more susceptible to burping, either go for a NoTubes or try the extremely light Eclipse UST tubeless kit (looks like window/door insulation) to fill in the bottom gap of the rim.
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