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Used XT or new LX

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I'm converting a SS into a geared bike and can get either a used pair of XT M751 shifters in good shape for $55-60 or a new pair of LX M580 shifters for $60. Any thoughts on the better buy?
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If the XT's are in good shape, I'd get em.
save up and get new xts, used parts, especially ones that get alot of use are no bargain $113 a pair
dan0 said:
save up and get new xts, used parts, especially ones that get alot of use are no bargain $113 a pair
$113 isn't gonna cut it. That would be over half my budget for shifters. This will not be my main ride. I've got a nice FS that will see the majority of my riding. I simply want to get more use out of my SS bike. It's been used less and less each year and I will use it more if it's geared. Because it will only see about 1/3rd of my riding and want to go low cost is why I'm considering used. My RD will be NOS XT (M771) as will my FD (M751) for a total cost of $70 including shipping. Also going budget on the crank (cheaper to buy a crank than to get new rings). I'm shooting for under $200 for the conversion and am looking for biggest bang for this low buck. I'll be using the wheels off my FS and just swap them between bikes so basically I need shifters, crank, FD, RD and cable/housing. With new shifters I get cable so that's a plus. Don't need a hanger cause it's already there. Brakes are mechanical disks on the SS and my FS wheels are disk also so everything should work fine there. The only thing I'm not sure about are the shifters. I'm leaning NOS LX M580 shifter pods over used XT M751.
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Look at the SLX stuff too. It is nicer than LX, but cheaper than XT. You won't be able to do all new SLX for your $200 budget, but you could do shifters and derailleurs for $200.
New SLX for a couple bucks more... Never know what you're getting with used stuff you can't inspect the innards of like a shifter...
Good choice. I've used a few different levels, and honestly the shifting will get gummed up with crap quick enough so you won't notice it.
Brand new LX can be as nice as used XT, depending on how old the XT shifters are.
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