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Hey, all,
Currently I'm running a fully rigid Cannondale Killer V 900 from the early '90s which is fun on the smooth, but not much fun on the rough. Because of that, I've been considering getting some front suspension or buying another bike. I tend to ride cross country due to the lack of suspension, but I can't see myself doing tons of rough stuff at any time.

After checking around, it looks to be just over $200 to get a RockShox Dart 3 on the front.

On the other hand, there's a used 2006 Haro V4 that looks to be in pretty good shape in the neighborhood for $200. It shifts pretty well, no odd noises, and looks like a good washing and a disc brake adjustment are all it needs. I rode it around a bit and it seems to fit pretty well, being roughly the same frame size as my old bike.

So, suggestions? Is the Haro a good enough base to upgrade on, should I keep on trucking with the Cannondale, or should I look for something else? Thanks!

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im currrently riding a haro v4..XL frame.. have had no complaints. i have been building it up for about 4-5 months now. so far i have

easton monket lite bars
thompson stem
race face seat post
WTB seat
kenda nevi's
hayes hydrolic brakes
rockshox tora 302 solo air fork
Xt shifters

i plan on going full XT once stuff starts to wear out.
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