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I'm replacing my old Trek 6000 with a Marin Rocky Ridge and I need quick sizing help. I'm 6' 1" with my shoes off and have about a 32" inseam with rather lanky arms. I really want the Rocky Ridge and I can get one for $850 but its a Medium Frame, there are no Large sizes left, only Mediums. The guy at my LBS says I will be fine on the medium and says we can swap out seat posts or stems if I don't like the fit. My Trek 6000 is ancient and I have no clue what size it is. I called Marin twice and spoke to two different reps and here is what they told me; 1st rep said he knows guys larger than me who like the Medium and its all about personal preference. 2nd rep said if I plan to do a lot of downhill technical riding and wanted a bike that was easy to throw around then get the Medium, but if I planned to do a lot of long distance cross country riding then get the Large.

Most of the single track I do involves shuttling to the top and riding down. I would say its about 70% downhill and 30% mild uphill.

HELP??? If I wait for the 2005 model it won't be out til October and I'll have to pay close to retail which Marin says is around $1150
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