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Urgent: Chain Length

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hi guys

i am running 2x9 now and just changed my chain. i followed the instruction from this website

however i feel that my chain is still too short and it is stretching my rear de to the max. i have taken photos of it. please advise.
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You did the big cog front - big cog back +2? For suspension, you are suppose to articulate it so that the chain length is at the longest, and then use that equation. Usually only makes a link or so difference. I think it looks funny just because it is the long cage rear derailleur, on a 2x9 setup (works fine though). I think if you keep it off the extremes (ie riding on big cog in front and back), you should be fine.
Yes, that's what the right chain length looks like if you op for the shortest.

The other way is to use this method to determine the shortest, then go small/small and shorten until the RD cage begins to take tension to find the longest possible chain, then pick any length between the two based on preference.
It looks like Dennis 07 removed the outer ring and replaced it with a bash.
I have the same setup. Isn't his big ring still in the middle position?
So technically his big-big is middle-big.
So what's the problem with Middle-or should I say OUTER chainring and big cog
Check chain length with suspension fully compressed. It looks very close now to the limit, if bottomed, of bending the hanger and sucking the rear der into the spokes, ruining a rear wheel too.

As always, big x big plus 1 inch when bottomed, is the safe minimum.
I can't see your photos, but for a 2x setup the point is to be able to use all gears....regardless of your front cogs.The smaller gap between the largest and smallest means this is quite possible.

As has been mentioned, you size your chain from small to small, cutting off enough to stop the RD folding back on itself. This should mean big-big is close to the limit, but still ok.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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