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Just picked up a used hotrock 20" for my son.
I feel that these kids bikes are way too heavy for kids, and I'm actually quite appalled by junk components used by even name brand bikes.
My 6year old son weighs 44lbs and he bike weighed 23.2 lbs on the bathroom scale, which is over 50% of his body weight.
Its so heavy for him that he has hard time holding it upright.

I'd like to bring the weight down by couple of pounds.
What would be the most cost effective upgrade for around $100?

Some ideas I have:
- lighter aluminum wheelset + tires ($20 @Treefort, already picked up one Tioga powerblock to replace the worn rear)
- Replace seatpost + handlebars ($???)
- Sinz cranks + rings ($50 ebay) + BB-UN26 bottom bracket($15 amazon)
- Forks(I'd rather not do this one since it may require a stop to the LBS ??)

I've purchased the bike second had for $100, so I'd rather not spend more on parts than the price of the bike.

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I would say tires and tubes is the easiest option. I like the Schwalbe Moe Joes (20x2.0 - 380 grams) and Schwalbe has bmx tubes in the 100-150g range. You could put a Moe Joe up front to go with the Tioga you already picked up.

Wheels are going to be tough in you budget. To save weight you are either looking at BMX race wheels or a custom built set. You might find some used but that's a gamble in itself. Not many options for kids wheels (I ended up building but I wanted gears)

The sinz cranks are nice (I put them on my sons Hotrock 20) The UN26 may not save much weight nor improve quality. Consider the UN54/55. You can find them in the $20 range at Jensonusa. The weight savings probably won't make much a difference on ride quality if that is all you do.

Fork is going to be out of your budget. Spinner Air 20's are in the $170 range and the White brothers fork closer to $475. If you son is rigid I would just stick with what you have.

Saving a couple pounds for $100 is going to be tough. Tires then wheels are the best bang for your buck as far as improvement.
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