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I have a 2002 Stumpjumper FSR XC Pro, the bike's been pretty good to me and just wont die so i can't justify getting a new frame. However its about time to replace the rear shock.

Some time ago I upgraded the rear suspension on this bike to the BETD link which offers choices of 100mm or 120mm of travel. I always looked at these stable platform shocks with a lot of envy so I think that the Fox RP23 is the right one for me.

The question is what is the appropriate shock length and stroke to get for my bike. How does one go about calculating the right shock dimensions? Since my upgraded link puts more leverage on the shock, is it better to get something a little longer, with a longer stroke?

Any suggestions? Is there any other air shock that might be better for me than the RP23?

Thanks in advance, Derek
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