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I want to upgrade my Scalpel 1000 wheels from the oem Mavic 117's to something lighter and smoother. I'm tall and weigh in at ~180-185 and these would be for 06 race season. My variables of importance are:

1. $300-$380 to spend
2. Weight and Performance
3. Strength
4. Tubeless

Choices so far:
1. 819's off of ebay (always some with wind or wind ti hubs around there)
2. Odds and Endos offerings (has anyone stans'd The Velocity's successfully?)
3. 3.01's off ebay (they pop up with hugi 240's or 340's often)
4. Other Ideas?

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I have the 819´s with Wind Ti Hubs & Omega Lefty Hub on my Scalpel.
I only can caution you about the Wind Ti Hub!!!! The bearing of my Wind Hub broke after 3 month of riding, than after changing again after 2 week and again after another week.... So finally I had to change the bearings 4 times, than I get a new Wind Ti Hub from CD, which I have rode only two times, so i can´t say anything about it right now!
I also have heard about problems with the CD hubs from other people who rides a Scalpel!
One even gets a 340 from CD in amiability!
Unfortunately I get the poor Wind Ti from them :mad:
I will change my wheelset against some Dt XR 4.1d with 240 and on the front XR 4.1d with the lefty omega hub, because there are no alternatives!

greetings martin

Hybrid Leftys aren't real
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keetowah said:
"lefty omega hub, because there are no alternatives!"

From what I've read the offerings from Woodman for lefty hubs are quite decent.
Sure, if you need a new hub, and you cannot stomach buying Cannondale product. There's no huge upgrade in a Woodman, both are just aluminum shells that hold two bearings, there is an XL hub that is beefier, but otherwise it would be a totally lateral move. My 2 cents!
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