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Hi All,

Wondering if you lot can help me out :thumbsup:

I currently own an 06 Stumpy Expert, had trouble with the Triad shock (now fixed) and not really happy with the low BB and sort of falling out of love with the frame. Anyway without boring you I'm thinking of getting an 05 or 06 S-Works Enduro frame sopome good deal here in the U.K, slacker head angle will help me better on the tricky downhill bits.

How do you lot find the BB on the enduro, do you smack the pedals much? I know you can change the angle is this the 'flip-flop' link?

I've checked the specialized site but a bit confused as to what exactly is the differnece between the Pro and S-Works frames?

anyway thanks for any help or genarl advice


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i believe the only difference in the frames is the aluminum they use, the pro uses the M5 and the S-Works uses the M4, in my opinion, i would go with the Pro. I have an 05 enduro expert and i love it! I put some saint cranks on it, and some Mavic XL wheels, it is awesome. I also have an 06 S-Works Stumpjumper, it has the M5 Aluminum frame on it, if the only difference is the aluminum, i would go with the cheaper one, i cant tell the difference between the frame on my sworks compared to my buddies stumpy comp. Just my two cents.
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