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Upgrading 2011 EX7 to EX8

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I recently bought a trek EX7 2011, really couldnt stretch to the EX8 at the time, but I can't help looking at the amazing reviews the EX8 is getting and thinking maybe I should've held out a bit more.
Anyway, I'm just wondering if it's possible at all the upgrade the rear suspension setup of the EX7 to the EX8 if I wanted to? What parts would be needed apart from the shock/are they actually avaliable from trek/would it even be worth it just to get the DRCV. I bought the EX7 partly because I could spend less now, and maybe upgrade to XT parts in the future as I feel necessary, and bypass the SLX stuff on the EX8 completely.
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If it was me the first thing I would upgrade are
the wheels and tires.

Best, John
i was in the same boat but with the EX8 to the EX9.... you will always save money on components when you buy them on a complete bike.

i've recently upgraded the brakes and pedals and swapped out the shimano shifters for SRAM on my EX8 and tires are on the way.

As for the suspension i'm not sure if you can swap out a non DRCV for the DRCV as the mounts may be different but don't quote me on that. may be a better option to send it in to 3rd party shock tuner.
I thought the EX7, EX8, and EX9 (2011) all shared the same frame. I would think you would be able to swap the DRCV shock over. I'm assuming the DRCV shock is what you really want upgrade, right?
Frames are the same.
@John Kuhl: Why those? I find the tyres very good, but then again, I'm not used to anything else.

@Highwaystreets: I suppose it's always the same, there's always a model up that a little more money would get you, but you could just keep going. At my level I wouldn't see much difference in most of the components I'm sure, but eventually I'm thinking of starting to stick XT stuff on.

@Poopshute: Eventually yeah, I just wanted to know if it was actually possible, I'm assuming it would cost a small fortune so it'll be a while before I do it anyway.

@Poopshute & sxr-racer: Yeah, I was told the frames are the same. So I'd have to get a new shcok and pivot (as this seems different)?

Thanks for your help.
keep in mind the 08-09's did not have the DRCV shock and the EX8 was a great bike, top reviews. You basically have a 2009 EX8. Yeah, some components are different. If you going to upgrade, I would just look at better brakes and a better wheelset (Lighter). Your components are fine. You can pick up a set of Stans Wheels and hubs for $450.00 that are superlight and come setup for tubeless.
For my type of riding, and where I ride I've never had good
luck with the Bontrager tires that come on the EX. I like and
use Rocket Rons. Also for the best performance gain I like
to use a light weight set of wheels and tires. You will notice
the difference with the first few pedal strokes. This will be
one of the best ways to lose weight on your bike.

Best, John
I can't speak to the stock tires on the 2011 bikes, but I was very happy when I switched out the original rubber on my '08 EX8. I rode the Jones XRs that came on it until they were worn out and then replaced them with Panaracer Fire XC Pros (~575g each). I have been very happy with them; good all-around performance, pretty durable, and no flats...
the problem would be finding a DRCV shock, it is a Trek specific item and cant be bought directly from Fox. I doubt Trek would want to sell you one or it would be expensive. Better to spend the money on new wheels or new drivetrain. My EX8 is itching to get a nice X.0 setup.
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