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Hello there, I'm hoping some folks out there can offer up some suggestions. I currently own a 2001 Muni-Mula which I am truly enamored with! In the past 4 years, the only significant change I have made to it is to swap out the stock Hutchinson Mosquito's for some WTB Velociraptor's. Indeed, the new Raptors have made quite a difference.

Now, I'd like to make my second upgrade, but that's where I'm not sure how to proceed? I've given some thought to upgrading derailleurs, rims, pedals/crank and stem. Would any of these make a bigger change than the others in increasing overall performance? In particular, can a set of new rims really decrease rolling resistance? Or could a new stem really improve how the bike handles and turns?

Any upgrade recommendations would be much appreciated. Thanks for your time.

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Difficult to say as you don't specify a budget! Not being able to see a spec sheet at the moment doesn't help.

The first thing I'll say is that its only worth upgrading parts if everythings in good condition. Original parts from 2001 could well be past their best and worth replacing.

If everything is working fine then I'd suggest leaving upgrading any of the drivetrain and maybe look at a new pair of forks. Some of the new Rock Shox forks offer alot of performance at a reasonable cost.

Replacing items like the bars & stem can affect the handling if you get them in different size to the originals. For instance a shorter stem will make the handling more responsive but could make the bike feel cramped. I've found its worth buying stems cheaply 2nd hand in various lengths to find the right length before spending money on a 'trick' stem.

You might be able to lose a little rotating weight by changing rims but the hassle of getting the wheels rebuilt isn't worth it unless the rims are wearing out anyway (check that the sidewalls don't feel too concave).

Disc brakes could be a good upgrade but will probably require new wheels at the same time so not a cheap upgrade.

Hope this is some help.


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I would say the bike is still in very good condition (the frame most certainly is). I've had to make some repairs/replacements on the chain, rear derauiller hanger, some front derauiller adjustments, wheel truing, but nothing really beyond normal wear and tear stuff. As far as the specs, here is a list of what it includes (sorry for not including this earlier.....I'd be willing to spend up to $500 on upgrades.

bike name: Muni-Mula
frame tubing: Kona 7005 butted aluminium
fork: Marzocchi Z4 Coil 80mm
headset: Aheadset STS
crankset: Shimano Deore
chainrings: 44/32/22
bottombracket: Shimano UN-40
pedals: Shimano M515
chain: Shimano CN-HG72
freewheel: Shimano Deore 9 speed
cassette: Shimano Deore 11-32
front derailleur: Shimano Deore
rear derailleur: Shimano Deore XT
shifters: Shimano Deore
handlebar: Koski Riser
stem: Koski 4-Bolt
grips: Kona Pseudopod Glow
brakes: Avid Single Digit 5
brake levers: Avid Speed Dial 5
front hub: Shimano Deore
rear hub: Shimano Deore
spokes: Stainless 15 g fr/14 g rr
front tire: WTB Velociraptor 2.1
rear tire: WTB Velociraptor 2.1
rims: Mavic X221
saddle: SDG - Kona Satellite
seatpost: Kona Thumb
seatclamp: Kona QR
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