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So I started with the 2020 version of this bike --
Bicycle Tire Wheel Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Bicycle wheel

First things that never got mounted were the rear fender, the bell, and that was it really. I also pulled the front brake off as we stuck to bike paths for the last ~10months so the coaster was a good learning experience for her. But she started advancing with her distances and desires pretty quickly. So I swapped the slick tires for some 16x2.125" Kenda Knobbies. Nothing fancy, but enough to make the GJ/Fruita trails better. Its been a few months on those, and we've tried more diverse trails and ventured into Utah even.

I definitely push her, I'm trying to be a good parent, but there are certainly trails that are above her limits. I use the TowWee rope often, but I've made a few changes the past week to help her feel better and make pedaling easier.
Changed her gearing from 14T rear to 17T rear I had laying around. Bonus - slammed chainstays!
Old Easton EA50 MonkeyBar Riser I was never going to use, got cut down (but still wider than stock) and installed, now she feels more upright.
Avid Single Digit TI (yes, that's right!) v-brake up front with Avid lever. I used a slightly longer set screw so that I could adjust the reach adjust more. It is nice and close for her smaller hands, and super easy for her to pull it.
Also, no more chainguard, and that thing was a nightmare to take off.

Bicycle Tire Wheel Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Crankset

Bicycle Wheel Tire Bicycle wheel Bicycle frame

Bicycle Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Bicycle frame Bicycle handlebar Bicycle tire

Bicycle Bicycle frame Bicycle handlebar Bicycle tire Vehicle

Bicycle Tire Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Bicycle tire Bicycle frame

Bicycle Wheel Tire Crankset Bicycle tire

Bicycle Tire Wheel Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Crankset
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