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Last year I was gifted a Trek 830 that needed some TLC. After my LBS replaced the tubes and tires with Bontrager Jones XR, I had them give the bike a full service. I rode probably 10-15 miles before I stored it for winter.

This year, I've been jonesing for riding. I've rode about 25 miles this week, and I love this bike. Even though it has a solid steel fork, I find it very comfortable... minus the saddle. Honestly, I live way too close to the VA creeper trail, and thats what I've been riding. Thus, I'm basically riding light trails for now.

I plan on riding this bike for the rest of this season, and maybe looking to upgrade to another entry level Trek, Diamondback, or Fuji.

Anywho, would it be worth it to continue to upgrade this bike? I'm replacing the stock saddle for sure with a WTB Speed V Comp. Would it be worth it to replace the seatpost too?

What should I look into upgrading? Any advice? Thanks
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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