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Upgrade to 8inch rotor with HFX9 prophet lefty

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Hi all.......

I need a bit more beef on the front of my rig. An 8 inch rotor should do the trick. What will I need to upgrade my lefty to take an 8 inch rotor and where can I get a suitable rotor from to fit my hayes HFX9?

Any help appreciated.

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One for the brake forum? Is there nothing specific about mounting discs on a lefty?
Leftys have the standard IS mounts so you could ask in the brake forum. Basically, you need a 8" rotor and the hayes adaptor for it. Just ask your LBS, they should be able to get the correct adaptor if they don't have it in stock. Part number is 98-15604.
Cheers Dan... thanks for the response
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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