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Hi guys. Found out that there is a chance my Mavic Crossride hub might accept an 11 speed casette according to this picture.

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Curently running a 9-speed Sram PG970 and I remember when I took it out some time ago, saw a spacer in there as well. (My complete current specs are below)

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1) What do I need to check to be sure? Measure the hub?

2) If it accepts, can I mix and match from Shimano's M7000/8000/9000 series like the chain, RD, front chainring, shifter and the casette? Looking at that SLX/XT 46T one in particular.

Thank you.

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It works! That chart is accurate, if anybody has a similar setup.

I had a spacer (1mm) with my old PG 970 11-34T cassette.

I got a SRAM PG 1130 11-42T and it fits perfectly on the Mavic Crossride hub model 2011, without any spacers.

Found a cheap M8000 XT RD, got the XTR M9000 shifter since it has 4 sets of bearings and I feel like I am loading a sniper rifle everytime I shift 馃槅

Just waiting on the narrow wide chainring and the chain I got is the SRAM 1130.

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FYI all 9 speed mountain hubs will fit an 11 speed (or even 12 speed) mountain cassette. They will not fit an 11 Speed ROAD cassette.
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