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ive got a lefty DLR2 on my f800 and have the opportunity to upgrade it with an spv ... upgrade. total would be about 150 bucks, parts and labor included.

so i weigh about 135, and am wondering if i'll notice the huge difference i'm supposed to. maybe i dont know what im saying and my weight doesnt matter at all. the fork currently has manual lockout which is really not a big pain to flick on/off for climbs(i just forget to unlock it for the way down.) do you think its a good idea? i love the bike and it seems pretty cheap to gain a huge technological advantage compared to buying another fork w/ spv. plus i looooooooooooooooove the lefty

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How About TPC?

I have a Lefty Jake (100mm travel, TPC damping) on my Scalpel and I love it. I don't have any experience with the Manitou SPV damping, but I have 2 friends who have Manitou forks with SPV and they both don't like it. They say that the fork feels as if it has a lot of stiction and does not move smoothly and evenly.

With your weight, I don't think you're bobbing all over the trail anyhow. Could you get a TPC upgrade instead? TPC is butter compared to SPV, and with the lockout for the extended smooth climbs, that's a great combo.

Good luck with whatever you decide. And, yes, $150 to upgrade your Lefty is much more preferable to buying a new fork for twice the price.;)
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