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I had missed this forum, maybe this is a more appropriate forum for this post.

Anyway, with both the Lyrik and Boxxer having the same 35 mm stanchions as the Domain is it possible to upgrade the Domain? Are any of the parts interchangeable? It would be nice to have MiCo on the Domain.

Is there any possibility for putting these in there?
11 11.4015.415.010 Compression Damper, Mission Control (w/ Floodgate) - 2010 Lyrik (compatible with all Lyrik models and years)
13 11.4015.416.020 Rebound Damper, Mission Control/Mission Control DH - 2010 Lyrik (Alum Shaft) (compatible with all Lyrik models and years)

or possibly these:
16 11.4015.369.000 10 Boxxer Team/WorldCup Mission Control DH Compression Damper (high and low speed adjuster knobs)
10 11.4015.373.000 10 Boxxer Team/World Cup Rebound Damper Bottom Bolt/Adjuster Knob Assembly (complete bottom bolt assembly with adjuster knobs)

Spare parts list: 0list)%20.pdf

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From what I've read, the aluminum stanchions of the Lyrik have a greater wall thickness than the steel stanchions on the Domain, and as such, the diameters of the dampers are different.

Therefore, the MiCo and MoCo dampers for these two forks (or the BoXXer, I'm assuming) are not interchangeable.

Just reiterating what I've read in a couple different 'net sources-- no personal experience.
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