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Hi guys

I own a 2018 Btwin Rockrider 540 and it received a Deore M6000 1x10 upgrade.
Now I am noticing that it’s slowly time to change my BB and cranks.. (square taper with some basic cranks that you get on a 430€ bike)
I have a budget of around 100€..

i am hesitating between 2 choices.

choice 1: SLX M7000 cranks with a XT M8000 HT2 bb
choice 2: MT300 cranks with a XT M8000 HT2 bb and a new rear wheel. (Shimano MT500 or M475 with DT Swiss 466d rim)

What would be the better choice?
Would the SLX cranks be a lot better than the Acera non series MT300 cranks?
And would the SLX be much lighter than the MT300’s?
I know the rear wheel upgrade would save 200gr, so would the weightsavings be directly wasted with the cheaper MT300 cranks?

(The MT300 and SLX would both be converted to 1X, so the weight of chainrings is not important in this case.. only crankarms)
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