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Upgrade '22 FEX's SLX Shifter to XT

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Has anyone done this upgrade on the '20-'22 Fuel EX? If so, is the correct part # SL-M8100-IR? I have the M6100 brake case/lever that is clamped to the handlebars and the SLX shifter is screwed to it underneath.

Also, can you simply disconnect the cable at the SLX shifter and reconnect it to the XT? If not, is there a 'best way' to run the new cable through the sheath to the rear XT derailleur? Thanks for any help you can provide.
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It sounds like you have the i-Spec SLX brake lever, so the shifter you have listed will work with it perfectly. You'll simply unscrew your existing shifter and screw the new one on, just like you said. As far as changing the cable, you'll actually completely remove the cable with the shifter. The housing (housing is the standard name for what youre calling the sheath) will stay in-place, no need to remove that. New shifters come with cables so then you can thread the new cable through the housing and re-adjust the rear derailleur. Good luck buddy, dont be afraid to ask questions. Its a pretty simple process. The new shifter should also come with a couple cable ends, once you get the cable cut, make sure you crimp on on so your cable does fray on you. Oh, and dont cut your cable too short, its normal to leave it an inch long or so.
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Awesome. Thanks for the helpful response.
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