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Upgrade 2005 Stumpjumper to 2022 Fuel Ex 7

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Hey all. I've been riding a 2005 Stumpjumper expert for 17 years, and I'm finally able to upgrade. Been doing some research and based on my own personal budget, and riding style, the Fuel Ex 7 seems the right choice for me. I know the 9.7 and other carbon versions might be better, but my budget just won't stretch that far, and a want "new" (yes, my LBS has a few in the correct size and color that i want).

Anyway, my biggest question was in regards to the drive train. My stumpy came with an XTR rear derailleur. Fuel Ex comes with Sram NX?

will there be a significant drop in perceived performance with a new Sram NX? My XTR is old and it doesn't feel as "snappy" as it used to, but is the newer Sram NX just as good as the XTR or will there be a drop in performance?

thanks all
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Been a couple months but that is a significant bike upgrade, congrats. IMO the new "lower end" stuff is quite a bit better than it used to be, and may even be better than your clapped out 17 year old XTR derailleur. We have NX components on a couple of our bikes that get ridden pretty hard and it performs just fine. If I were in your position I would get your miles out of it, then upgrade that component down road if you want/need to.
Yes there will be a drop and it will have a different feel. It will be serviceable until you can decide if you like sram or not ans can then upgrade. Only issue with NX i think is the dated freehub standard. Someone correct me if this has changed. How much more is the slx bike with the microspline hub?
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