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I had some avid Juicy 5's for a couple weeks but came across these and couldn't pass up the deal. Found these XT m755 brakes on craigslist and they were on a display bike with very little wear on them. they had painted over the shimano xt, and started scraping it off the calipers, then gave up and put some silver paint over those. some nail polish remover and some elbow grease cleaned things up nicely. new lines and some Kool stop pads and everything is perfect.

on the rear I had to take a bit of a risk, because of the way these brakes are mounted I had to take the dremel to the mounting holes to make them a bit oblong to make sure the pads lined up with the rotors correctly. still have plenty of metal around the mounting bolts so it should be just fine.

these things are GREAT, stop so well it sometimes get scary :thumbsup:

I think the next step is going to be a lighter set of wheels and a 175mm crank, I almost forgot how much fun this hobby is :D

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Could you give some more detail on the difference from the stock pieces of crap and your new hydraulic? Trying to keep the pads from scraping while still having good modulation on the tektros makes me want to pull my hair out.

I love my Peace partially because my first bike ever was a GT Outpost trail from the early 90s. I still think the tripple triangle thing is sort of a gimmick. After you upgrade the rims try to find a good deal on a cassette. I had an XT laying around and the switch saved me 160 grams.
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