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Updated EX9

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New wheels and tires. Conti MTN. King 2.4 Tubeless. Mavic Crossmax ST's. Waiting on Talas 140 15QR.

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very nice, but is there a reason you are running a close ratio cassette (road) on this bike, i know the reasons for using one on a DH bike but never seen it on an xc/am bike before with this type of 3 ring set up,
As for the Road Cassette...I race Cat 3 road and run a 34-23/21. Where I ride I don't feel there are any significant climbs to justify a 32 or 34. Also, if there is a "22" up front why the need for a 32 or 34 in the rear? Lastly, before this bike I ran a 2:1 singlespeed for 3yrs.
The only time I have felt I was wrong for running a Road Cassette is when I visit and ride with my brother in Bend, Or. There are some BIG climbs in Bend, Oakridge, and around Waldo Lake.

AND it's lighter...:thumbsup:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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