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Still leaving a lot to the imagination, here is a longshot fuzzy photo depicting a little progress on my Ritchey project. Think of it like a fleeting photo of a secret fighter posted on the pages of Aviation week and Space Technology. Not much detail, but it does exist.

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Nice stem! ;) Way to man up. You'll find it worth it. One of my favorite things I've ever bought.
Looks good but I can see that you aren't very far along as you haven't even gotten to replacing those roadie bars and stem. Keep working.
Nice. Looks like fit might actually be not too far off.
Nerd alert! Aviation Leak and Space Secrets! Every Russian spy used to subsribe back in the day.

Nice bike!
I think the unicycle makes the Ritchey even more Klassy.
Nice to see...

Hello Aemmer,

I was wondering when I would see you post up that Ritchey... it's nice to see you getting it into shape. Did you ever make headway on those Deerhead parts? Send me a PM when you have a moment to spare, I'd like to catch up on our steel projects (I just picked a Chris Daily Smorgasbord, very much like your Ritchey but a better fit). Even if it wasn't "right" I still miss it being in my stable.

Great to see... keep posting the progress!

Best regards,

sfgirlonbike said:
I think the unicycle makes the Ritchey even more Klassy.
It took me a few minutes to finally "get" that one. I need coffee.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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