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Ok, let's say I want to take my Kona Four Deluxe and lower the front end a bit in order to steepen the steering head angle. One thing I am seriously thinking of doing, is replacing the Rock Shox Recon SL fork with a Fox F100 RLC. The Fox is lighter, 8 mm shorter and has more adjustments. I'd like to lower the front end more than 8 mm. The Four Deluxe came with a TH headset (as per website specs) and the top does indicate Cane Creek. It doesn't say what model or anything.

What headset could I use that could shave a few more mm off of the bottom bearing race area order to drop the front end a few more mm.

I'd prefer comments on the lower (lowest) stack headsets I could use for this bike. Sure, many of you are going to comment on how little difference it would make if I got a slightly lower fork and headset, but I'm sure I can decide that part myself. Before I do, I need to determine what the lowest stack headset there is that will work on my bike.

It looks like the bottom is 10 mm from the fork race to the frame. I have a feeling there isn't anything smaller than this. My headset is 1 and 1/8" and it's not integrated.
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