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Update on Bradbury Mtn. ?

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I used to ride Bradbury about 5+ years ago.

Seems like a lot has changed since then. I always had the feeling that place had a lot of potential.

I'd love and update as to the mileage, new trails, etc...

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We have volunteer trail days monthly, thanks for considering joining us.
We also have the 'Friends of Bradbury Mountain' non-profit organization to act as a voice for the park users... lots in store for 2010.
Amazing place. If you rode there 5 years ago you wouldn't recognize it. The trail crews are doing an absolutely INCREDIBLE job of using every square inch and now Brad is cetainly the most diverse riding around.
is it rideable?
It's been o.k. on the mountain side, too many miles of trail on the flat side to get packed. We tried last Sunday but only the mountain side was any good.
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