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Update on Blue Marsh

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Technically the Lake has been re-opened. The Rangers have re-opend the lake but at most trail heads there are signs stating "Trail temporarily closed". According to the office this is because many of the bridges have floated away and they are still in the process of locating them.

Per the Rangers office you are allowed to access the trails however they cannot gaurauntee you will be able to get through. Last night I rode from lake road out the flats toward the ski slope. The trail still had some wet spots but all in all amazinginly dry considering they were under up to 10' of water just over a week ago. Alot of debris in spots and the foliage obviously looks like heck after being under water.

Also I have left a voice mail for the Ranger in charge of trail maintenence and I will post if/when they are looking for volunteers.
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my inlaws live right over there on skull hill Rd thats right up from the 183 dock they couldnt get anywhere after all this all the roads over there were closed off, they have pictures of the water up to the bottom of bernville/roby road its nuts how much water was in there. let me know if/when they plan on clean up if im not busy ill come down and help. its been a long time sence I rode there but when I did I rode it every week.
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