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No pics yet, but Sunday we had 5, count 'em five, singlespeeds ripping up the trails. And there were 3 that were missing so we can muster up to 8 singlespeeders at almost any time! sure is different from 3 years ago when I started SS'n.
The newest addition is Tammy, she built up a Kona Unit last weekend up in Vancouver,BC at the, can you believe it, Cove Factory Outlet store! It is light light light! I think my front wheel weighs more. The shop mech up there geared her a bit stiff tho, 34:16, we are working on finding a 19t or 18t freewheel to mellow the ride.

We 5 rode in a pack for about 3 hours, gosh it was fun!

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Good to see that the SS word is getting around, unfortunatelly in my area I'm part of a very small group of sspeeders (2 to be exact, me and my neighboor).

34:16 is a bit hard, when I built my Unit I was running 34:17 and felt heavy and slow. Went thru some gearing changes and now I run 32:18 or 20 depending on the trail.
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