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Unknown Cdale crank spider

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I found this crankset on sale on eBay and was surprised that it comes with a triple 5 arm spider. Anyone knows the BCD size of it? 'cause it's the first time I see one :eek:


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It's the same 5-bolt 94 BCD as the current 2x9 spiders, only with a 58 BCD for the granny ring. These were the standard crank sizes in the 90's and early 2000's... Cannondale used the Compact Drive standard (58/94 BCD's name) up to 2004. I still have one of those spiders...
Thanks for the answer Dan. That old spider that you kept, is it compatible with current Hollowgram crank arms?
schuster_md said:
is it compatible with current Hollowgram crank arms?
yes the triple spider with the 58/94 BCD will fit on the current Si cranksets.

i picked one off eBay a while back.
strange seller ... from Ireland and item is in New Zealand ...

i did a offert some days ago , reserved not met ....and he relisted crankset
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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