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United Airlines Bike Box Charges Now $200

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(i posted this in general MTB but feel it would be of benefit here too)

Just a heads up, i've flown international with bikes a few times and found out today that United Airlines are as of Dec 01 charging $200 for a bike box regardless of weight or ticketing airlines guidelines.

My ticket is purchased through Air New Zealand for which i am well under weight restrictions, but has a connection serviced in partnership with United.

Normally provided the bike box is under 50lbs i've never had any charge.

Today United informed me i had to pay $200. not happy.

they changed rules Dec 01, well after i bought my ticket.

rather pissed off..

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Wow, thanks for the heads up! WTF when it costs more to fly your bike than it does you it makes no sense.

Southwest is still $50 each way for a bike and Frontier is $50 or $60.

American and Delta will hit you up for being both over sized and over weight cost $200 each way too.
I'm headed down to the Jamaica Fatta Tire Festival in a few weeks and decided to pull my bike apart to see if it owuld fit into a medium sized duffel bag with wheels. I got everything in plus 5 days of riding clothes no problem. The wheels will go in a wheel bag and I will check 2 pieces of luggage on. Luckily Air Jamaica has a 2 piece allowance, so it won't cost me a thing. BTW- they do charge $150 if you have a bike box.
Houli77, If you aren't already on your trip, maybe you might consider changing your ticket - have ANZ only fly you to the destination city that THEY go to, and book your own ticked with another domestic airline, such as Southwest, JetBlue, etc... here in the States. I would bet that overall you will save some $$ and it is "voting with your wallet" to choose to not go with United because of their ridiculous fees for a bike. The $200 (each way I assume) fee would be reduced by $300 if you use Southwest or Frontier. I'm a big fan of SW Airlines - I used to fly 4 or 5 days a week with work, and used them whenever I could.
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