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re-review of 650b Sycip Unleaded

Let me just throw out this disclaimer. I've been trying to get this bike together sense April and finally got the funds to finish it. I have been layed up with lung infections non-stop for the last 4 months and have about 10 miles in my legs this year. I am not supposed to be riding but there was no way i wasn't taking it out for a spin. Rode a trail i've never ridden before on a bike i've never ridden before and as a bonus, the brakes were not seated in yet. I've also ridden only 29er ss bikes for the last 3 years.

So here goes. For a 23lb bike it rides super light, is very flickable and climbed very well. The trail was very loose and full of silt/sand from the recent rains so pushing it with the brakes as they were wasn't really an option. Only got a couple short laps on the trail before i was coughing my brains out and tossing my cookies, so i called it a night. I will give a full realistic review once i can breath without puking, on a trail i've got some experience with to be fair to the bike. Bike good, motor/rider bad!

***ok re-review here****

Got clearance today from the doc to ride if i went easy and only did one lap. Went out to Tranquility. Good flowy place to ride that i am very familiar with. In comparing with my Kula 2-9...
Bike climbs excellent, tracks very well, goes well seated and standing.
Tight twisties are amazing. Sections that i had to really pick my line thru previously were easily railed on the b bike.
Acceleration is very good. Bike has very snappy feel when accelerating. Can't wait to be able to push a gear on it and see how she really does.
Downhills/fast open sections were very stable. Good grip from the neos. Still not pushing it too much yet but can't wait to.
Very flickable, front end lofts with ease. Found my self pumping sections like my bmxer. Bike feels alot like my 24 cruiser when it comes to jumping/screwing around off bumps. Manuals like my cruiser too.

I can't wait to get full clearance to go hammer. This bike is everything my 29er was lacking and so much more. Thanks to the Sycip guys for nailing the build and The Bike Way guys for the perfect build and helping with the parts spec.

**end of re-review**

Bike specs:
Sycip Custom 650b with oversized tubing
Shimano Pro carbon rigid fork
Stans rims/Hope pro2 hubs/Phils spokes/Neo-Motos
Race face 1" low rise carbon bars/deus stem/seatpost/crankset
set up 1X9 with a 36T ring to a 12-27 Dura Ace cassette
e-thirteen chainguide
X0 der and shifter
Avid Juicy Ultimate brakes

I think Cracked Headtube saw it at the bike shop here in town while he was out doing a business visit. I'll post some pics when i can catch it in the sun. Need to go pass out...

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Yep I did see your bike at The Bike Way. Very nice build. Too bad we couldn't have crossed paths.
Odd I never realized you were in Omaha. My Wife is from there, so while we were in town I stopped into a few shops.
I too have a custom 650B coming. No spilling the beans, though.;)

Next trip to NE, I'll let you know.

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Sounds good, finally got clearance to ride again. I have to ease into it but the bike feels amazing! I'll try and get some pics up if i can ever get the sun to stay out for more than a minute. Here's to riding without puking!
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