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First, thanks in advance for taking the time to read and helping.

I've purchased a GoPro Hero 3+ Black for not only mountain biking but pretty much for any fun and outdoor activities that I do. However, most of the time I will be using it for mountain biking.

My concern is this, I have been looking online for a place where I can get basic understand of the settings and when to use them and all of that. I have read the user manual which says that they recommend wide view, 12MP, and 1440p48fps. My question is should I just leave it that way as the default and go along since I'm a newbie and really don't know much about video editing (learning about the program little by little and messing around with it each time). Or is there a place where I can read to understand a little more?

Also, for those who have the GoPole, I just purchased one. How do you take pictures/videos on it? Do you use the iPhone app/remote control? Or do you just record a lot of video and cut what you actually want and if you want an image from that video you export an image? Those are the only ways I can see myself doing the GoPole.

Thanks again in advance for the help and for taking your time.

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