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So, i bought a fatbike with a set of Blizzerk 80 wheels. I need to go tubeless because I am planning a hunting trip and I will be riding in a lot of thorny cactus areas. The factory rim tape went all the way to the bead, isn't tubless ready and when i slid off to the side I saw the 8 small holes really close to the beads that will make going tubeless a little more of a challenge. I epoxied up the holes and first tried the regular gorilla tape most have talked about. I scuffed and cleaned before i put tape on but with the rim width I did not get the coverage I desired, nor did it stick well enough for my comfort. So... I searched all over for other tape ideas and did not find anything about flexseal tape. This stuff sticks like crazy but the problem is it only comes in a 5ft roll. Well guess what? Gorilla tape makes the same type of stuff in a 10 foot roll and they call it waterproof seal and patch tape. It can be cut with a sharp scissors to width. I had my son help me lay it into the wheel as we both slowly worked on one bead side and not worry about the center, leaving it loose in the center to conform to the when when aired up. I only pushed the tape to the center where i installed the valve stem and left the rest loose to assist with setting the tire with compressed air. The tire popped right up, and ZERO leaks right off the get go. I had 2 spots where the tire grabbed the tape and pushed it out between the tire and rim a little but this tape is so soft in conformed and again, zero leaks. I will use soapy water on the next wheel to keep the tire from grabbing the tape when setting the bead. So, weight savings was only 3 OZ per wheel because the tape is heavier, and I put 8oz of sealer in as well but I am tubless and should have less worries about flats. Now I know some are thinking "good luck getting that crap off if you break a spoke" Well here the deal, this **** is so sticky i know I can cut a nickel size hole to reveal the nipple hole and make a small patch of this sticky ass tape to patch it up with full confidence. Weight savings was not my main goal on this conversion, it was puncture repair in cactus. Plus with the holes so far out to the edge where the tire sits I did not trust duct tape to do this job. So there you have it, a tape that will still save a little weight but 100% will not come off or get eaten by sealer, and also able to cut away and repatch if you need to change a spoke or nipple. Just a note, I went over the top of the factory installed rim tape but I did take a razor blade and trimmed it to where it was only wide enough to cover the lightening holes in the wheels. I also made the hole for the valve core area bigger so the rim tape exposed more wheel so the tape stuck good to the wheel, not the factory rim tape. Just another tape option, and I have pretty high confidence in this stuff. If you ever used flex seal tape you know what I mean, this stuff is crazy sticky and almost permanant.
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