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To reduce some weight, would an ultegra 12/25 cassette be a better option than the current sram 11-34 I am running. The top 2 and bottom 1 cassette rings are rarely used. Thus, I was thinking the 12-25 would be a better option for range as well as weight.

Also, I was curious as to whether it would be a good option to remove the big 44T chainring which I rarely use (unless I'm tearing down a road which is never) and replace with a light bashguard or just leave it out. I'd also add a 2-spd road FD (chorus/Dura-ace for lightweight) and a custom bartop friction shifter (older plastic shifter with small holes in plastic where it doesn't contribute to stiffness). Having a big clunky XT shifter pod just for 2 gears seems overkill.

Besides, I could also drop some links from the chain due to the smaller cassette cogs and lack of 44T ring.

I am bored, and interesting thoughts of dropping weight keep coming up. Please speak up and tell me what you think.


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1. The 12-25 will work fine is you really do not need the wider range. You may find yourself shifting more often because of the closer ratios.

2. If you replace the outer ring with a guard/bash ring you lose no weight.

3. The road derailleur will not work well because it is designed for rings with a larger diameter. The weight difference is minimal.

4. Thumb shifters work great, especially with two rings on the front. Drilling a cheap lever could weaken it more than lightening it.

5. Yes, you would need to shorten the chain.

I run a bash/36/24 x 11-32 on my Coiler DL. works great. Have still descended some gravel roads at well over 40mph and pedaling past 38mph.

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