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Uh help... Reba 80 to 100mm conversion

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Ok, everything was going well until I went to pull the lowers off and they just stop at a certain point (top of lowers about 5-6" down from the top of the stanchions). If I slide them smoothly down, there is an audible CLUNK at that point and they don't go any further.

So then I do a search and see that some folks have just pushed the air assembly up from the bottom and pop it out the top and then pull the spacer out, but I also can't get it to push up far enough so that it comes out the top.

So now I've got the fork in no-mans-land just totally stuck.

Could it be the bushings/seals catching on the "seals" at the bottom of the stanchions? Is this normal and I just need to push/pull harder? Any thoughts? Please!

Thanks! S
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The manual says:

3. Using a 10mm socket (or open end) wrench, loosen Dual Air shaft nut. Loosen so
nut is unthreaded just past the threaded shaft end (fig 3a).

Using a plastic mallet, tap shaft nut to free shaft press-fit inside lower leg (fig 3b).
This frees the shaft ends from the lower leg shaft bore press-fit and allows the
lower leg to be removed from upper tubes.

Did you also tap the opposite leg shaft? The manual neglects to mention it, but my guess is that's where you're stuck..
Funny, I just found your earlier response to Phaedrus' post. Yep, that was the trick - tapping out the opposite (right or drive-side) shaft as well. I was about to post it with the link, but you found me first! Thanks again of course. Silly that RS missed this in the service guide. Anyway, thanks again. It's all back together now in 100mm mode. I'll fill it back up with air tomorrow and hopefully everything holds and works. S
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