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While not quite as hideous as a Lenzbike, or Fo's Mom...she's a bit hard on the eyes.

"A face only a mother could love".

*SIGH*, they say ugly is only skin deep.


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if that's a real Huffy then I'm Charley Sheen........Nice to meet you ;)
hey ur missing ur valve cap!!!
I'd rather have a Huffy, and oh yeah, this ain't moto!
Nice bike! Looking forward to the usual great action shots. :)
is this a turner bike's protection-anti-thefty program?? :D
when wallmart have to sell this?? :cool: :thumbsup:
That is ugly. It must have set you back a mint.

I like the build.
Oh, my eyes! And I thought my Bronze Glimmer was bad. :eek:

Aquaholic said:
Fo's Mom...she's a bit hard on the eyes.
She makes up for it in effort, though. Give her a try sometime (everyone else has).
My wife would love it but wonder why her new huffy cost so much.
mtnbiker72 said:
totally blew it with the head should look like this
I guess his hypocrisy only went so far...
They just don't build them like they did when i was younger. Why can't they leave well enough alone. They had to go and ruin a perfect bike.
very very very ugly - and the fork looks cheap. The wheels are nice though.
i dig the Huffy-esque paint color though.

I never though to recreate the pearlescent green I've got on one downstairs on one my nicer rides.
Can we get an explanation on this thing? Actually, I really don't need one: I think it's hilarious, and I can just imagine heads turning at trail heads and water breaks when other riders whisper to their buddies "Dude, can you believe that guy is riding a huffy out here?"

Whoa, that thing is even more hideous than what you had previously described. Woulda been perfect circa 1987 though.
ohhhhh...that is fugly steve.

I love it.

Any idea what the geo is with the 140 on the front? A sultan with a sub 69 degree head angle and 13ish bb height would be AMAZING.

Nice! But where is the kickstand?
1 - 20 of 85 Posts