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I am trying to get pix going, but had my first ride on the Burner w/ my new Pushed RP3 (Thanks Darren and crew!), new front rubber, wireless computer, fresh gloves, WTB saddle, and a fresh bottom bracket bearing and granny gear!! Plus a complete teardown of all my bushings, repack, and fork service, wow! I will try to get the pix up tomorrow.
Suffice to say, the improvement was noticeable, especially the way the RP3 kept my rear wheel tacked . Not to mention plush. I can't quite decipher the owner's manual recommendations for sag, are they talking static sag or ride it and check it sag? ( I'll do a search).
I guess a piece of PVC would be an improvement over the 3 way, but it really was better for the 3 hour ride up Marr ranch/Las Llejas canyon to Chumash here in overcast SoCal.
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