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Took its tolllllll on me

it was a wet, and slippery day
first run, broke my second to last toe on my left foot
taped it to the next one, no problem good to go

4th run down B course, took a jump at the top a little weird, guys behind me say i got like a **** ton of air, and was in teh air for about 20 yards.....well i landed horrrribly, launched off the bike, slid about 50 feet and now my ribs are KILLING me. im gonna go to eh ER tomorrow when i wake up. im too lazy right now

Bike is good, and i dont have to worry about medical bills.
BUT i think my rear shock rebound is messed up and thats why i landed funny because the ass end pogod up.

i got less hurt on my hardrock at the same place lol
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