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I am the proud new owner of a UFO ST. I am wondering about a few things.

Does anyone know the shock size in inches? Not that I want to trash the DHX 5 on their now, but I am just wondering.

Does anyone know where I can find a spare derailleur hanger in the US?

What is the real purpose of that strut under the shock?

Finally, what is up with all the mounting holes where the shock mount is attached? Can this be used to change shock stroke or geometry or something?

If anyone has any answers, they would be greatly appreciated.

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Congrats bud, great frame :D

Shock is 8.75 x 2.75 (222x70mm)

Email nicolai direct for a hanger in the US i think?

The strut is called a trumbone i think there's info on the nicolai website

The 4 holes are different travel setting, but shouldnt effect the geometry

Hope that helps!
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