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Need an advise
I have stumbled on some British review / article of Racer-x which kind of confused me.
They are claiming that there is not enough tire clearance around the chainstays and the seatstay bridge to fit 2.1 tires. I am getting the Racer-x frame soon and will be swapping some of the components from my old bike (including Panaracer Fire XC 2.1 tires). I have the tires already mounted on the wheelset with STAN’s and will hate to redo the whole thing again just for the sake of the tires not fitting the frame .
Any of you guy’s having a difficulty with 2.1 tires on Racer-x?

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Lots of people riding Racer X / Hammerheads with 2.1 and 2.3 tires.

Keep in mind that the British mags tend to factor in mud-clearance as they have such damp riding conditions as a rule ... a 2.3 tire on the standard rear-tri of these bikes does not necessarily have a lot of room left over for mud.

If your riding conditions include a lot of mud then count on using narrower 2.0 / 2.1 tires, or skinnier, with these bikes.

At a weight and cost penalty, you can put a chainstay from either the Switchblade or the Quasi- or Super-moto on the bike and get more lateral tire clearance. I know someone with this mix on a Hammerhead that is riding WTB MotoRaptor 2.4's ... but not when it's muddy.

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Mud and the Racer X

I'm running a 2.1 Ritchy Z-MAX in the back, clearence on a dry day is no problem at all. Here in Hawaii, when the mud is at that certain consistency, it'll pack. It's done it maybe four or five times and is really bad when leaves and small sticks get packed into the mix. "Hey look at me, I'm carrying my bike".
The group that I ride with has an assortment of bikes (Turner, Ellsworth, Ventana) and I tend to pack the fastest.
It's the bridge on the seat stay, backside of the front derailluer, coupled with the large platform area on the chain stay that causes the problem.
If you don't ride in a sticky muddy place, no problem.

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no problem running 2.1's or most 2.3's.

As stated above, mud clearance might be an issue depending on the tire.

FWIW, the Panaracer Fire is about the worst mud tire I've ridden.

Take a look at the Kenda Blue Groove for the front and Nevegal for the rear. Large volume, relatively light weight, reasonable rolling resistance and grip like mad on wet anything.
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